If being a parent has taught me nothing else, it’s there are somethings you might not otherwise have learned if not for being a parent. Some examples of these things are including but not limited to: bottle brushes are great for wine glasses, baby food doesn’t taste as bad as it smells, being covered in poop or vomit or both is not nearly as disgusting as you might think, and parent is basically a giant accident followed by a series of near misses and miracles.

One of these such lessons though happened this evening while playing with my son. Like any Dad I’m looking for new and innovative ways to make my 11mth old laugh. Like most kids that age, he looks at me briefly, smiles. then subsequently looks at whatever is on the floor as if I’m a rack of yard tools at Sears. This evening however I picked up a suction cup toy and stuck it on my forehead. This delighted him with laughter and fun was had ball all…that is until I removed it and saw the giant hickey on my forehead.

While it seems so obvious now, in the moment, I hadn’t even considered it. If not for my son, I wouldn’t have shoved a suction cup on forehead. Like I said, things you learn as a parent.