Years ago I started this blog, I was inspired by my good friend Mark Storer. Mark is an english teacher, writer, journalist, wine critic, and all around amusing fellow. If he has one fault its that he’s a Pittsburgh Pirates fan — though, I’m not sure that is as much of a fault as it is a lifetime of punishment. While Cubs fans might challenge the notion, its safe to say he’ll likely root for my New York Yankees long before he’ll root for the Pirates in a World Series game.

Digressing, I started this blog at his inspiration. Recently I was going through very old Facebook Notes — back in the day they allowed you to RSS feed to Facebook notes — and as I was going through them I realized I started this blog back in 2006. Over the course of that time it took on a lot of different forms. It started out with my musings on just about anything, then turned towards being all about technology, to finally just going on a hiatus.

As I sat in my arm chair the other night I recognized how much I missed writing. Not that I’m all that interesting, in fact, I’d argue that I embody mediocrity when it comes to the life I lead, but that’s not really why one blogs. They blog to put their thoughts down — whatever those thoughts could be. They blog simply because they love to write — it gives them an outlet while providing a portal of their lives to others.

So here I am, 13 years later starting this blog all over again. I’m not sure what to expect this time around. Hopefully I’ll blog more frequently. Rest assured I will blog a lot about my hobbies and family. A lot has changed in the last 13 years. For starters, the lovely Mrs. (Elizabeth) Abrahamson & I have had a baby. He’s cute, and I’m not just saying that because he’s my kid. I’m saying that because people literally tell me he’s cute. Laws of averages tell us that if enough people think that, it must be true, he’s cute. I’ve had an unbelievably successful technology career, made wonderful lifelong friendships, graduated college, and in March I’ll graduate with an MBA. Not bad if I do say so myself. Elizabeth will finish her Master’s in May as well, and I’m incredibly proud of her.

I’ve also worked a lot on myself, relationship with Elizabeth, and God. I’m still a work in progress though. This blog is indicative of that.

My hobbies have grown in some areas, while staying stagnant in others. For example, I rediscovered my love of wine again, a world Mark opened my mind up to years ago. That is an area where I have had considerable growth. My golf game however is still abysmal and has little hope of improving. My love of cooking has grown, and I spend a lot of time experimenting with BBQ. I’m by no means Aaron Franklin, but I do cook a mighty fine brisket. People love our parties and family gatherings. There is always plenty of food to go around.

My priorities have changed over the years, as well as my passions. Things like homelessness and the environment matter much more than they ever did before, yet, not enough to stop me from eating cows. I just love brisket.

I suspect over time we will discover just what it is I‘m looking for through this blog, but for now, it will simply be a place where I share my thoughts. The truth of the matter is I’m not finished talking. There is a lot more I have left to say, and this blog will be my forum to do that. The title of this blog is “One more thing” — which I felt appropriate. It was a homage to Steve Jobs, who, just when you thought he was done always had one more thing to say.