About Jason

Jason’s love of cooking started in his youth when he would collect fresh eggs from the chickens raised by his art teacher. He couldn’t wait till the next morning when he could make scrambled eggs! This would evolve in to a love of food, with an emphasis in grilling, barbequing, and wine.

In 2018, Jason set out on a mission: make the best barbeque his friends ever had. Considering he lived in California, this was a pretty easy feat. During that time he watched a lot of great barbeque cooks and continued to work at it. While he’s a far cry from being one of them, he did see a gap — helping others like him. Most of the videos available were for people who were intimidated by their smoker or grill just like he was.

Thus, Abrahamson’s California BBQ was born. Today Jason cooks for friends, family, charity events, church events, and more. He’s sharing these tips and more to help everybody learn how to cook better.

Jason is a devout Lutheran, and lives in Santa Clarita, California with his wife, Elizabeth Abrahamson and their son.